That Guy Reel Service and Stuff

That Guy Reel Service and Stuff is a specialty service provider for high end fishing hardware and boats. 

Site design

Focused on fast load, minimal graphics, and rapid access. Site built using common packages balancing initial cost against comprehensive feature sets.

Social media plan

Leveraged existing industry norms to focus on single social presence. Aligned personal style with messaging. Provided post framework for engagment strategy

touch reduction

API integrations with social platform, fulfilment centers, shipping providers, ACH, and form templating to reduce the need for duplicate data entry.

cost management

Leveraged products that provide flexible licensing reducing initial static costs. Negotiated small package services to reduce start up cost.

Boat Builder Central

Supplier of marine construction products to commerical and home builders.

security response

Provide on demand support when security concers are raised. Ensure policies are in place to protect customer and business data.

site upgrades

Ensure server packages are updated and maintained regularly with minimal impact to customer base.

Capacity planning

Review customer facing servers for capacity needs and adjust as needed.

cost containment

Provide regular review of IT service contracts for areas elegiable for improvement. 

Remnants of Grace

Remnants of Grace is a personal project working to build a support community for women. 

Site design

Revise site design to more modern standards with responsive (mobile) support.

Social media plan

Social engagment strategy developed and maintained.

cost management

Leverage Oatmeal IT in house services to reduce hosting costs