Our SEE Method


The onine world can be complex and confusing. At Oatmeal we develop solutions that are comprehensive while easy to understand. 


Oatmeal's solutions include educational services to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to fully realize your solution's potential.  


Oatmeal can provide resources and services to help you acheive your goals. Oatmeal manages a team of specialists to ensure the right skills are available.

At Oatmeal IT, we took a long look at all our years of experiance and asked "what do all the big corparate systems do to help deliver successful projects?" After much thought and trial we developed SEE. A simple but effect method to help identify the key deliverables, the training needed, and support structures through execution. 

SEE is a methdology that supports any formal or informal project cycle. SEE has been used in large corporate environments and small private projects. At Oatmeal IT we use SEE to reduce the risk of missed requirements and to ensure our partners understand how a solutions operates. 

Oatmeal IT's Current Projects

Oatlmeal provides a number of services to the following projects